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ProPel Indy

Smarter Transportation. Stronger Communities.

ProPEL Indy is an INDOT initiative to streamline transportation planning in Indianapolis, using a collaborative PEL study to consider environmental, community, and economic goals early in the planning process.

This Planning & Environmental Linkages (PEL) study will assess innovative ways to renovate our interstates, while prioritizing community needs and equitable infrastructure. Because together, we can ProPEL Indy forward.

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Map of Indianapolis

ProPEL Indy is an unprecedented opportunity to improve our urban interstates.

After years of reliable service, the interstate infrastructure in and around Downtown Indianapolis is aging and will need replacement. While future construction is years away, significant portions of I-65 and I-70 will need to be addressed. But these repairs are more than just a necessity—they’re an opportunity for our community.

That’s why INDOT is leading a groundbreaking PEL study to gather public feedback, assess our interstates and local road connections, and design lasting solutions to our transportation needs.

Over the next two years, ProPEL Indy will evaluate the aging portions of I-65 and I-70, excluding the North Split and other future projects. Once completed, this study will provide recommendations that account for mobility, safety, and sustainability, as well as community interests, economic development, equity, and quality of life.

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Complex Projects Need Collaborative Solutions

ProPEL Indy is a collaborative effort that goes well beyond recent studies of the Indianapolis interstate system. PEL studies are intentionally designed to be more inclusive, giving communities a voice in the roadway design and construction process. This allows INDOT to evaluate public feedback alongside transportation needs, engineering challenges, and environmental concerns to determine the best possible solution.

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Explore What’s Possible. Build What’s Smart.

ProPEL Indy is about the art of the possible. Throughout this PEL study, INDOT will host public workshops, personal interviews, and online forums where you can share your ideas for a better future. Then, our engineers and urban planners will evaluate your suggestions to provide the smartest recommendations. These recommendations will give INDOT a clear set of priorities for the future—built on a foundation of sound engineering and community support.

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Your Voice Makes a Difference

Transportation is a community-wide concern. As we launch studies like ProPEL Indy, we want to hear from as many Hoosiers as possible. Whether you have questions, concerns, or creative ideas, ProPEL Indy is an open, transparent way for you to join the conversation—and make a difference in your community. Because with your help, INDOT can build infrastructure to better serve your neighborhood.

Join the Conversation. Help ProPEL Indy forward.

ProPEL Indy has the potential to transform our community, making our roads smarter, stronger, and safer for generations to come. We want to hear your ideas on how to improve our interstates and strengthen our community, as we build a better future—together.