Connect with the ProPEL Indy Team

ProPEL Indy is a unique opportunity to get involved and help us plan the next 20 years of investment in our interstates. We want to hear from as many Hoosiers as possible to help us gain a greater understanding of our community’s needs and ideas for improvement.

Contact Us

Please reach out if you have any questions about ProPEL Indy and how you can participate in the study. We look forward to hearing from Hoosiers all across the state, as you present your innovative ideas and honest feedback.

You can also get involved right now by providing your official public comment. This form asks you to consider how interstates impact our community—and what we can do to enhance our transportation network.

Thank you for doing your part to envision the future of Indy’s urban interstates. Because together, we can ProPEL Indy forward.